Managed IT Services

Complete Computers takes a responsive and progressive approach in providing Managed IT Services.  Complete Computers blends speed, agility, and simplicity to minimize the many challenges in scaling and managing information technology infrastructure while actually reducing costs.

To accomplish this, we rely on an advanced set of IT tools and skilled IT professionals.  We provide exceptional value and innovation to achieve measurable reliability and performance results. Whether you are seeking an integrated solution to support existing infrastructure components or you are ready to completely outsource your IT environment.


Many business executives are looking for “partners” (not just a bunch of vendors) to take over management of their IT infrastructure.

  • 1. Agility: A Managed Service Provider that can move fast when they need to go quickly and change direction if needed.
  • 2. Customization: An MSP that can provide end-to-end services to meet their specific requirements, so they do not have to manage dozens of vendors.
  • 3. IT Skills: A professional, well-trained, competent IT staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced IT toolsets.
  • 4. Leadership and Advisory Services: from the same Managed Service Provider that provides patching and upgrades, leadership that can participate in Board level meetings to connect business goals and objectives with IT strategy and tactics.
  • 5. Experience: A record of past performance, competency, and satisfied clients.
  • 6. Customer Service: A principal component of their business model.


Complete Computers provides “proactive” Managed IT Services by designing, implementing, operating, managing and monitoring all types of IT networks, devices, and users.  For a fixed monthly fee, we provide Managed IT Services like mobile device management, storage and cloud solutions, remote support.

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