SOS Online Backup

$ 5.50/month per 25GB block of Storage

Apps & Software

  • Windows Vista and up
  • Windows Server 2008 and up
  • Mac OS X 10.8 and up
  • Android 2.2 and up
  • iOS 6.0 and up
  • Linux volumes supported by network-mapping to a PC or Mac. SOS for Windows includes “Add Network Location” option as well.


EEncryption & Security

  • Unique-per-user 256-bit AES encryption prior to backup.
  • UltraSafe MAX (optional) accounts use a unique, user-defined, encryption key that is NEVER stored in the SOS cloud. Access cannot be restored if account credentials are lost.
  • SSL optional. (set in Preferences)
  • Unique-per-user 256-bit AES encryption at rest in the cloud.
  • UltraSafe MAX is configured on first-time backup with SOS for Windows. UltraSafe MAX can be used on both Windows and Mac (mobile support coming soon). Due to the high security of UltraSafe MAX files cannot be recovered via a web browser but must be recovered with SOS for Windows or Mac.


File Handling

  • File sizes are calculated using largest version (not all versions).
  • ForeverSave File Retention: Files deleted from the local source (computer/hard drive/etc.) will remain in cloud indefinitely.
  • ForeverSave Version History: Each and every past version of every past backup is kept.
  • File Size Limit: None
  • File Type Limit: None
  • Number of Files Limit: None


Mobile Access and Backup

  • SOS for Android: Backup based on a schedule, backup whenever plugged into power, backup only via WiFi to save cellular bandwidth, protect all files including apps, music, video, pictures and files on expandable SD storage. Access and download any supported file from your cloud.
  • SOS for iOS: Backup contacts and photos in the Camera Roll. Due to limitations by Apple, the app cannot automatically backup or access media files such as music and video. Access and open any supported file from your cloud.


Other Features

  • Smart Scanner: SOS will automatically scan for important and common file types including images, music, video and documents.
  • External Hard Drives, NAS, Network Volumes: SOS can protect external hard drives/network volumes with no extra charge or plan upgrade.
  • Local Backup: SOS for Windows can create a local backup onto an external hard drive/network volume.